Below is a guide to supplying artwork in one of the most popular artwork packages. Simply click on the guides to open, these are by no means extensive but should give you the basics!

                       Illustrator guide     

Some other important notes-

All files should be supplied as you want them to look i.e black on white and forward reading.

All artwork will be reproduced at the size supplied, unless stated otherwise
We can reduce or enlarge artwork free of charge.

If supplying film please ensure it is negative right reading, emulsion up.

Paper copy must be played out on a laser printer, copy from inkjet printers is not suitable, we also request it is black and white and suggest it is as crisp as possible.

A special note about word - word does not embed fonts if you are using an unusual font,
please supply the font and fax a visual. If this is not possible please post artwork.
If we don't have the font you are using, Word will show it in another font, if we don't have a visual we wont know this is incorrect.

Our magnesium dies are priced by the Sq CM, our minimum area is 50 sq cm For a guide To preparing artwork please click here  for a downloadable pdf

Please email us
for a price list or simple send your job for a no obligation quote.
We aim to reply within the hour.

If you would like to order from us simply email us or post your artwork.

If ordering for the first time please include full contact details, including a land line phone number if possible. Please state which gauge metal you require.

We send most parcels Royal Mail first class or courier, please state which is required.


Postage and packing costs from £2.50 for Royal Mail first class, the majority of packages go at this price but it does depend on weight.

If you require next day delivery we use APC Couriers, costs from £6.50 + vat