Do you a have a missing spring, nut, screw, bush etc? We have many spare parts in stock and can also make parts if required. We have Listed below some of the common parts that can wear and should be replaced to keep your machine in top condition. Please get in touch for help or advice regarding any spare parts.

We can supply-

Spare die blocks

If you have a regular customer, why set up each time ? leave the block in place and have a spare die block that you can use for one offs, great for multi colour work as well!

From £30.00 + vat

Rewind Belts

rewind belt

 rewind belt

without belt                             With!                     Belt + joiner

Just let us know which machine you have and we will supply a measured belt. - £9.95 +vat

Heater Box Insulation

hot foil machine insulation

We can supply sets of insulation purpose drilled for your particular machine, with age and use this insulation can crumble away. If your insulation is no longer effective the heat from the heater box will travel through your machine and you will find adjustment for printing very hard.

£22.00  + vat   - a set

Heat Controllers

temperature controller

We can supply heat controllers to fit many of the J T Marshall and Impress range of machines. The controllers are supplied with full wiring diagrams and fitment instructions. Why not replace your old controller for a more accurate adjustment of your hot plate.

Other styles available - please enquire. We also supply probes and cartridge heaters.

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