pc controlled hot foil

Metallic Elephant are proud to be able to sell a range of pc controlled hot foil machines,
These machines connect to your pc and can be compared to a modern printer due to their ease
of use.
These machines are designed for small series and one-off titles and are therefore ideal in any industry where large quanities of items need to be personalised with individual names or titles.
Each machine is supplied with special material supports which are adapted to the products to be stamped and therefore enable the operator to quickly place the product.
Moreover a software package is supplied with each machine designed for individual requirments.
These machines can be adjusted to a maximum product thickness of approximatley 20mm.
An area of 34 x 34cm can be stamped.

The advantages of this system is hand set type and heating up of lines is eliminated
Data (e.g lines of names) can be imported and processed without modifying the data, eliminating errors caused by manual editing.
The software is adapted perfectly to the individual use.
The machine is quiet, clean and compact.

For full details please get in touch via contact page.