Meet the TEAM


Work/Cake Balance

This won’t affect our work rate or our concentration, but the team at Metallic Elephant quite like cake. But it isn’t sugar coursing through our veins, it’s hot foil.

Meet Ros French

Ros started as a trainee at The Lavenham Press before moving into the hot foil industry and then founding Metallic Elephant with Karl. Her business acuity and 15 years’ hands-on experience has enabled the company to develop and grow. She’s knows everything there is to know about making the perfect block. But there’ll always be a very special place in her heart for the print industry.

Meet Karl French

From the age of 16 and for the next 20 years, Karl learned everything about the hotfoil business from the leading name in the industry, John T Marshall. Building the machines is his particular passion and, as a mechanical engineer, he doesn’t just know how to build them, he can service, repair and renovate a wide range of makes and models. He won’t take short cuts or use substandard materials; his machines are, literally, built to last.

Ros and Karl are ably supported by a highly skilled team and Ellie of course! We’re a busy team, but if you need advice we’re always here to help.