letterpress printing plates

We produce in house 0.95mm and 1.52mm foil backed polymer plates. The “foil” element is the thin backing that holds the exposed polymer in place. Our polymer plates are transparent to allow easy register and are Torelief which are more efficient on press due to their superior long-run capabilities.

Our polymer plates are compatible with most letterpress machines. Although polymer, our letterpress plates are hard enough to emboss or deboss with and can hold the finest of details.

Multiple designs can be supplied as one plate and the plates can easily be cut with scissors to separate yourself if required. We can supply with or without mounting tape – just let us know your requirements when you order.

Please click here to see our guidelines on supply of artwork
We aim for same day turnaround if ordered before midday

Traditional Letterpress Plates

lasting impressions

If you prefer a traditional metal letterpress plate we offer magnesium letterpress plates, mounted and unmounted.

Our letterpress plates remain crisp and sharp with straight shoulders to ensure fine or bold detailing every single time. They’re securely mounted on moisture resistant wood to 0.918″ / 23.3mm high and etched to around 2mm. They are also mounted squarely to ensure a speedy setup.

Need un-mounted letterpress plates? Our excellent quality 16g/1.63mm magnesium plates are precisely etched by our skilled etchers. Order before 1pm, and we will etch and dispatch your letterpress blocks the very same day

close up of letterpress plate