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about us

Great British design meets the benchmark of British engineering

Our heritage is derived from a world of craftsmanship, engineering and a passion for traditional skills that yield high-quality products

We’re proud to be a family-owned business. Karl’s industry expertise is unrivalled, having spent over 20 years as a leading mechanical engineer at John T Marshall. He has now assembled his own team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and engineers at our factory where engineering tradition meets state-of-the-art innovation.

Co-founder Ros, with a long career in print behind her, ensures the highest standards of quality and service in everything we do, while Business Development Director Vincent (our very first employee and brother-in-law) oversees every single hot foil block dispatched to clients.

The real boss, however, is Ellie our Miniature Schnauzer.

Why not call in to see us? We would love to invite you to visit our showroom and introduce you to the team.

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Co-founders Ros & Karl French & Ellie