Magnesium Blocks

Magnesium Blocks

Hot foil Magnesium blocks are a cost effective way of achieving excellent foiling, embossing and debossing results.

Whether you are a small or large company our service is the same – a fast friendly service supplied by knowledgeable staff backed up by our high quality product. We manufacture hot foil blocks in one of our 3 etching machines in our purpose built etching plant.

1/4″ 6.35mm

5g 5mm

8g 4mm

16g 1.63mm

The thickness relates to the size prior to etching, please note with some machines it is not possible to use the thinnest metals eg 16g and 8g due to lack of depth – please get in touch if you would like advice.


The thickest of the gauges and best suited to the beginner. The advantage of the thicker plate is it does not bend when removed so it is also ideal for repeat use. This gauge can also be deeper etched than any of the others so is suitable for soft materials such as leather.


This metal is used when you are also using 5g copper plates ie a diary manufacture who has etched dates but wants to have different logos.


Our most popular magnesium die, being 4mm thick it is still possible to etch quite deep and can be handled by most novices also the added advantage of being cheaper than 1/4″!


This is the thinnest of our magnesium dies, and can bend very easily. Being only 1.63mm thick this metal can not be etched deepily. This is a very popular gauge with rosette makers as it is inexpensive and suitable for one off foiling jobs.

If you require any advice on gauges please get in touch.

We also supply counterforces for embossing.