Machines Used to Be Built to Last. Ours Still Are.

In many industries ‘the old ways’ are often discarded to make way for more modern methods, but modernity doesn’t always mean it’s better, faster or cheaper. Over the 20 years co-director, Karl French, spent at John T Marshall learning the craft of hot foil machine engineering, he also learned that you lose ‘the old ways’ at your peril.

Foil Blocking, Hot Foil Printing Machines

Thanks to Karl and his commitment to quality, Metallic Elephant is now the only manufacturer of hand built hot foil machines in the UK (hand and air machines). We build from scratch and to order at our workshop in Essex. We also buy and renovate hot foil machines in need of care and attention, and offer a repair and maintenance service too.

You are always welcome to see our range of new and second-hand hot foil machines; you can even have a test drive in our showroom.

We currently supply to clients across the country as well as Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Past clients include Smythson, Asprey and BBC Archive Centre.