engineer and work on the hot foil machines

hot foil machine repairs

If your hot foil machine is in need of some TLC please get in touch. Our skilled engineers can either carry out repairs on site or, preferably, at our workshop.

If you can send a picture of your machine and list the issues, we can then advise on the necessary repair or supply parts for you to fix the machine yourself.

leave the block in place

Spare die blocks

why set up for regular customers each time when you can leave the block in place and have a spare die block for one offs or multi-colour work.

john t marshall hot foil printer parts
close up of Radley handbag with gold hot foil logo
measured belt

Rewind belts

Just let us know which foiling machine you have and we’ll supply a measured belt

printing adjustment

heater box insulation

Insulation crumbles away with age and use making printing adjustment difficult. We can supply sets of insulation purpose drilled for your particular hot foil machine

john t marshall hot foil printer parts
close up of Radley handbag with gold hot foil logo
replace your old controller

heat controllers

Replace your old controller to accurately adjust your hot plate. Our heat controllers fit many of the John T Marshall and Impress hot foil printing machines, and come with full wiring diagrams and fitting instructions. Please enquire about other styles available. We also supply probes and cartridge heaters.


hot foil machine servicing

We understand it can be very difficult to send certain foil machines for service. However, being able to repair them in the Metallic Elephant workshop is preferable to doing so on site as we can’t always achieve a full service with the tooling we can bring with us.

We know downtime costs money so guarantee to get you up and running quickly again. We will schedule in your machine repair at a time that’s convenient for you and dedicate a repair team for a fast and effective solution.

john t marshall hot foil printer parts