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A Beginners Guide to Foil Printing

By July 13, 2022News

When it comes to marketing materials, uniqueness is a key selling point. Making your designs stand out can be the difference between them being effective or simply passed over. When it comes to uniqueness, there are few more effective ways to achieve this than foil printing. It’s not just for marketing materials either but anything printed where you want to achieve a distinctive end result. That could be greetings cards or invitations, business cards, or event flyers. This is what you need to know about foil printing.

How does foil printing work?

Heat and pressure are applied to metallic foil to create a finished aesthetic in the design of your choice. The process is very simple – a heated die is used with a sheet of metallic foil in between the die and the surface that you want the final design to appear on. When the heated die is pressed down, the combination of pressure and the high temperature will transfer your design from the die onto your chosen surface in the metallic foil.

Why is foil printing so unique?

You can create a design that is tailored specifically to your desired outcomes, whether they relate to marketing, product packaging, or just the best ever wedding invite. There are lots of ways to customise your designs when you’re working with foil printing, especially as the hot dies are individually created for you. You’ll also have plenty of different options when it comes to the finish too, including a spectrum of different coloured foils and textures that range from matte metallic through to a super shiny, glossy finish.

Does foil printing have a history?

Yes, this is actually one of the most historic printing techniques there is and was used on some of the first ever manuscripts. It has always been a way to highlight the individuality of something and mark it out as special. When foil printing was first used there was no metallic foil so actual gold leaf was used instead. Luckily, today foil printing is much more cost effective thanks to the many different foils available.

Why use foil printing?

  • It will make anything stand out. Foil printing physically creates a shimmer that makes us reach out to touch it, whether that’s on product packaging or labels.
  • Foil printing creates a sense of excellence. If you’re looking to communicate that your brand is high end or your event is going to be a cut above, the use of foil printing is a great, simple way to do that.
  • It’s so versatile. Thanks to the range of foil colours and textures you can do anything with foil printing, including using it for logos and even integrating your brand colours.
  • It’s so simple to customise. From packaging to custom business stationery, marketing materials to invites you can really make the designs your own.

Foil printing is a historic process with lots of very modern uses that makes it the ideal tool to ensure that your designs really stand out.