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Advice From Foil Experts

By August 17, 2022News

Foil is a key part of the process of bringing your designs to life via hot foil stamping. It’s this that provides the metallic sheen and finish that can be so distinctive and unique. However, not all foils are the same and some may not give you the aesthetic that you’re looking for. So, how do you navigate all the various choices on offer and what do you need to know when it comes to finding the ideal foil for your purposes? We’ve pulled together some advice from the foil experts that will give you plenty of insight into how to get started.

The components in the foil can affect the way that it performs

Foil brands tend to put a lot of time and effort into R&D when it comes to this aspect of designing their foil so it’s worth investigating your options. Foundation solutions and alcohol content also tend to be different from one foil to another. The ultimate goal with any foil is going to be achieving the best bond and performance between the foil and the various substrates where it is going to be applied.

The substrate does make a difference

The substrate – the material to which the foil is going to be applied – can make a big difference to the ultimate finish that is achieved at the end of the hot foiling or foil stamping process. High end paper stocks, for example, can be much easier to work with.

Try different foils until you find the right one for you

There are so many options out there when it comes to foils today that it makes sense to try a few and find the make of foil that best serves your purposes. This will, inevitably, be the one that is the easiest to work with in terms of your set up. It’s also worth noting that there is a huge variety in terms of coloured foils today – everything from traditional metallics like gold and silver through to metallic red and pink. You can also select from many different finishes. If you’re not keen on the traditional shiny appearance of foil then look for a matte finish or something distinctive like a holographic or pearlescent design.

When it comes to the foil that you use in the process of cold foiling or hot foiling you’ll find many different options – and lots of opportunities to bring your creativity to life.