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Top 5 Change the Date Wedding Card Designs

By July 17, 2020October 25th, 2021News

We understand the chaos that COVID-19 has caused, not least for couples hoping to marry this year. One positive outcome we have noted recently is that lockdown has provided a great opportunity for creativity to shine in bringing a new form of wedding invites — change the date wedding notice cards. While you could send a quick Whatsapp, this new format can help build up the sense of occasion. 

Date, or no date, let invitees know that the special day is still on. Whether you are looking to bring a little style, or inject fun into the situation, we’ve found some great solutions. Here are our top five change the date wedding notice card designs

Instant download Save the Date/Change the Date cards

Barney and Co have created four stunning postponement templates, which are downloadable in Word format for easy editing. What’s more, demonstrating their stellar commitment to their clients, the template is completely free! They even provide a ‘how-to’ video for editing, which talks you through the capabilities for adaptation. Then, simply e-mail or text to your guests. 

change the date wedding notice design

Wedding Postponement cards

Wanderlust Studio’s wedding stationery also offers many options for customisation, with the added decadence of a physical invite. All of their designs are minimalistic, with decoration at most being comprised of natural illustrations. The design team have also included unlimited revisions in the design so that you can make sure your change-the-dates fit in with the rest of your wedding look.

change the date wedding notice design

Corona Cards

If you want a little more of a relaxed message, try either of these COVID-related invites, from Rock Star Press and East View Design. They both feature references to Corona beer, so if you are looking for the invite that’ll guarantee a party is on the horizon, this may be the way to go.

just kidding corona notice design

Magnet change-the-date

Pukka Peacock combine a tasteful gift with useful information in their change-the-date design, and they also offer a full wedding stationary suite of similar design. Its magnet function means that this information will be at the front of busy minds. There are loads of different designs to choose from on their page, and some stunning illustrations."change+the+date"&ref=sr_gallery-5-22&organic_search_click=1&frs=1

change plans design

Hot foil embossed

The most simple yet effective accent is foil embossing. Plenty of change-the-dates feature these, but Peachy Print UK’s design is particularly elegant, and with the option to keep their poetic text, or enter your own.

lets try this again notice design

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