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Elevate your prints with Metallic foiling

By May 5, 2022News

Using metallic foiling in your prints will give them an edge. Not only does foiling look eye-catching and sophisticated but it also has a good-looking textural finish that conveys a sense of quality. From brochures to business cards, there are many different ways to use metallic foiling to elevate your prints to a completely different level.

What is metallic foiling?

It is essentially the process of applying metallic foil to a print – it is a similar process to embossing except that a thin layer of foil is also overlaid onto the final design. Using metallic foiling gives the finished product a more textural look and feel, and an aesthetic appeal that is hard to beat.

How does the metallic foiling process work?

The most traditional way to approach metallic foiling is with the use of heated plates. These plates are engraved with your chosen design, which will be transferred onto the business cards, invitations, brochures etc due to the application of heat and pressure. A thin layer of foil is placed between the plates and the final product so that the finished design appears in the metallic foil. There is also the option of digital foiling, which is where the foil is applied via a printer and there is no need for the plates. There are pros and cons to using both of these options. If cost is the key concern then digital printing tends to be cheaper and faster. However, it doesn’t produce the same level of finish quality and does not have the same textual aesthetic.

What are the options when it comes to metallic foiling?

There are lots of different ways to make your prints stand out and look unique if you’re choosing the metallic foiling process. One of the best is to find exactly the right type of foil for your desired outcome. There are two key decisions to make when it comes to foils: colour and texture.

Foil texture. There are lots of options when it comes to the texture of the foil that you can use for your prints. For example, you could opt for a satin or glossy foil if you’re looking for a shiny or sleek texture – or a matt foil if you’re keen for a finish that is more low-key. Pearlescent and holographic foils are also very popular.

Foil colours. You will always have the option of traditional gold, silver, and bronze foils but there are also lots of other metallics to choose from too. These include shades such as rose gold, which is often chosen as a compromise between bright gold and more understated silver. However, if you’re looking to create something even more vibrant you can move away from the classic metallics and opt for coloured foils instead, from bold red to abundant green.

Metallic foiling is the simplest way to elevate your prints and bring something completely unique to the final design. From the textures and colours of the foils you choose to the method of metallic foiling, there are many different ways to make your designs stand out.

If you’re keen to enhance your stationery, hot foiling is by far one of the best ways to achieve this. We have a small range of hot stamping foils available for graphics, plastics and leather. We like to keep this stock current with the latest trends but always have the main staples of Gold and Silver in gloss and matt.