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Everything you need to know about Metallic Elephant Letterpress printing plates

By February 8, 2023February 10th, 2023News

If you’re looking to use letterpress printing in your designs then Metallic Elephant is a great choice. We offer both traditional magnesium letterpress plates, as well as foil backed polymer plates and both are very effective and simple to use. When it comes to providing the right tools for ensuring that you get your printed designs exactly right – especially in terms of letterpress printing plates – metallic elephant is the ideal choice.

What is letterpress printing?

It’s a type of printing that uses raised metal type or plates to create an image. The type or plates are then inked so that the image can be transferred onto a substrate like paper or card. Letterpress printing is the technique responsible for early printing of books etc and it has a long and rich history. The use of letterpress printing is widespread and often where there is a need for monochromatic printing. However, it can also be used for coloured designs (best done where there are not too many colours included in the design). You can get a good, sharp text result with letterpress printing as long as the design isn’t too small or too detailed – it’s ideal where you’re looking to make an impact or send a message, whether that’s with cards or stationery. Letterpress printing is really versatile and is appropriate for both small and large printing runs.

What about Metallic Elephant letterpress printing plates?

We produce both polymer letterpress printing plates and also traditional letterpress plates that are made from magnesium.

  • Polymer letterpress plates. Our in-house letterpress plates are 0.95mm foil-backed polymer plates. They are transparent to allow easy register and they are designed with a thin foil backing that keeps the polymer element in place. Our plates are Torelief, which means that they are more efficient and have more capability when it comes to long runs. We have designed these plates so that they are able to capture the finest of details, which makes them a superior type of letterpress plate. Our polymer plates are compatible with most letterpress machines and they are hard enough to use for debossing and embossing. If you’re looking for multiple designs these can be supplied as one plate, which can then be divided up with scissors.
  • Magnesium letterpress plates. If you’re looking for a more traditional type of letterpress plate then we also offer a magnesium option. Our magnesium letterpress plates are available both mounted and unmounted. They are crisp and sharp and durable so they will continue to deliver fine detail from the moment you get them and far into the future. We offer excellent quality unmounted magnesium plates as well as plates that are securely mounted on moisture resistant wood to 0.918″ / 23.3mm high and etched to around 2mm.

Letterpress printing plates can help you to produce beautiful results time and time again. Metallic Elephant offers both traditional and polymer letterpress printing plates that can be tailored to your specifications.