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Everything you wanted to know about Metallic Elephant from the Co-Founders

By January 25, 2023News

Metallic Elephant produces the finest hot foil dies and hot foil machines in the UK. This family-run enterprise is a place where tradition meets innovation, along with the very highest standards of quality and performance. The team has been producing hot foil printing machines and hot foil presses for more than 15 years and is proudly British based, committed to championing the company’s engineering heritage and the benefits of the hot foil process in general, whether for packaging or marketing or something else. If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about Metallic Elephant, the co-founders are about to reveal all.

Q1: Why was Metallic Elephant founded?

Karl and I met while working at another die makers. Karl’s background was in machine manufacture; mine was in prepress at a lithographic printers. We both had an entrepreneurial spirit and had run various small ventures on our own previously. The company we were at no longer built machines and did not support the owners of the machines going forward, so we saw the opportunity to start our own business. No big plan, just a desire to be our own bosses. We both don’t like being told what to do!

Q2: What services does Metallic Elephant provide?

We design and manufacture hot foil presses and make hot foil plates in brass and magnesium.

Q3: Why should a business buy a Metallic Elephant Hot Foil Machine?

It’s not all about sales for us, we offer solutions. If you have a project, we won’t just sell an off-the-shelf machine and let you get on with it. We will make that press work for you, be it with jigging or modifying the press. We enjoy what we do and get immense joy from seeing our presses out there earning their keep!

Q4: What is one of the weirdest orders that you have received in the past?

Discretion is our middle name!

Q5: What are the benefits of owning a Hot Foil Machine?

This will depend on many factors, control I guess is the main one if you are not relying on outside suppliers, you control when orders are ready. You can also work when you want. Although we have a lot of machines in a retail environment, we also look after a great deal of “home” businesses.

Q6: What are the plans for 2023?

We have plans for 3 more models of presses and are looking to invest further in our magnesium die-making.

Metallic Elephant is a truly unique enterprise. It’s not just the only business in the UK that designs and builds hot foil machines by hand and to order but it’s also one of the most innovative enterprises around. Today, the machines that are produced by Metallic Elephant set the standard in the industry and are used by some of the most recognisable brands in the world, including Smythson, Asprey and Acqua di Parma.

Contact Metallic Elephant today to discuss how we can help you with make your brand stand out from the crowd.