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Hot Foil Printing – Why is it so special?

By April 6, 2022News

The process of hot foil printing is an effective way to make packaging distinctive and to create uniqueness in any design. It’s easily achieved and can be used to make a big impact. Whether you’re looking to make a product stand out on the shelf, or to convey a sense of luxury and high quality, hot foil printing can be a great tool. But what does the process of hot foil printing involve and why is it so special?

How does hot foil printing work?

Also known as hot foil stamping, or foil stamping, hot foil printing is essentially achieved by applying heat and pressure to foil – this is the most traditional process of hot foil printing. A metal plate, called a foiling die, is created in the finished design that you’re looking to achieve with hot foil printing. This has usually been achieved via a process of photo-etching. The die is then heated up and applied to a material, such as paper or cardboard, with a thin layer of foil in between. When the die is removed from the material, the design on the die has been left behind in a metallic imprint.

What’s so special about hot foil printing?

  • You can use lots of different colours. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to gold, silver, bronze, etc, there is also a range of other coloured foils available so you can create a design that is precise to your specifications.
  • There are alternative options available for foil too. For example, you can choose to use metalised foil, which has an incredibly shiny finish. Pigment foil will provide a more texturised finish or you can opt for something even more unusual, like a scratch off foil.
  • Hot foil printing is unique. If you’re using the traditional process then every design that has been hot foiled will look, and feel, just a little bit unique.
  • The process works in lots of different ways. You can use hot foil printing on a range of different items, from business cards to gift cards, packaging and magazines.
  • Hot foil printing works with other techniques. For example, it is often combined with debossing where the intention is to create a finish of high quality and depth.
  • This kind of design speaks volumes. A metallic finish conveys luxury and opulence, is eye-catching and will help to set your products apart from competitors.

Hot foil printing is a very helpful technique if you’re looking to achieve a distinctive finish that really makes your product stand out.

If you’re keen to enhance your stationery, hot foiling is by far one of the best ways to achieve this. We have a small range of hot stamping foils available for graphics, plastics and leather. We like to keep this stock current with the latest trends but always have the main staples of Gold and Silver in gloss and matt.