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How luxury products are standing out with a personal touch

By October 27, 2021News

If your brand is positioned in the luxury market then making connections with your customers is going to be all about creating a unique and personal touch. From jewellery to cars, luxury businesses have become incredibly prominent over the past decade and even the events of the pandemic haven’t stopped the momentum. Personalisation has been a big part of this – luxury products that feel individual – and this isn’t likely to go away any time soon. So, how can you make your luxury products stand out with a personal touch?

Greater opportunities in a new age

Many barriers to entry into luxury markets have now been removed thanks to the extensive reach of the current digital landscape. Online sales provide a wealth of opportunities when it comes to personalising every element of the experience a customer has with your brand, from the packaging to the product itself. That’s one of the reasons why there has been such a shift to digital marketing even from those well-established luxury brands that have a large store audience. The online world has also become the go-to for everyone during the pandemic and, as a result, there are now many more opportunities to connect to luxury-seeking consumers.

The key role of packaging

Premium luxury experiences start with the unboxing, and packaging is the central component in this. Whether this is designed to feature in an influencer’s ‘unboxing’ story on Instagram or simply to create a specific feel for the person opening the product, the packaging that is used can make all the difference. This is also a great opportunity to add some personalisation to the experience for your customers, using details that hit all the senses and make the individual feel unique. Some of the simplest ways to do this are with tools such as hot foiling, embossing, or debossing – these not only personalise packaging but also create a mark of quality and reinforce the luxury feel.

Opportunities for smaller brands

The luxury market has traditionally been dominated by big-name brands but in recent years this has begun to change. Independents now make up a much bigger share of the luxury market and have become such a popular choice with consumers that many giant brands have sought to quietly establish their own independent arms to cater to this need. Independents tend to excel at purpose, relevance, and authenticity and these are qualities that are actively sought out by shoppers today, especially those for younger generations.

Personalisation is all about innovation

Being innovative can create loyalty with customers when they have an experience with a luxury brand – large or small – that makes them feel something. Whether they feel inspired, spoiled, or just that they have been removed from the day-to-day mundanity of life during an experience, innovative personalisation can be incredibly memorable and bring customers back again and again.

Luxury brands are increasingly looking for simple ways to achieve a personal touch – hot foiling is an effective and attractive way to do this.

Make your mark with personalisation and add an impressive show-stopping touch. More information on personalisation can be found here.