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Is Foil Blocking environmentally Friendly?

By September 6, 2023September 13th, 2023News

Foil blocking is a great way to add an attractive finish to any design. It’s eye-catching, effective and really makes an impact – but is it environmentally friendly? It’s a common misconception that there is a choice between the aesthetic finish that you want and sticking to green principles. However, this isn’t the case. If you’re keen to achieve a good-looking finish and you don’t want environmental credentials to suffer, then foil blocking is a great choice.

Sustainability and aesthetics go hand-in-hand

Foil blocking is known as a way to achieve really eye-catching detail and to make your designs stand out from the crowd. What many people don’t know is that foil blocking also ticks key boxes like being recyclable and compostable. When you’re using a process that creates foil waste then you can still adhere to sustainability principles. If being green is important to you then this doesn’t have to be a commitment that means you sacrifice your goals for design as a result.

How is foil blocking environmentally friendly?

If you’re using a process of hot foiling, you’re looking at something that is very environmentally friendly. All foil is recyclable, which is why foil blocking is so environmentally friendly. So, if you’ve held back from foil blocking until now because of worries about the environment then you no longer need to. But how does it work?

Hot foiling. This is a slightly different process and tends to produce a shinier result. Hot foiling works with a heated die that is applied to the foil (which has an adhesive layer on the back). When the heat and pressure are applied, the foil is transferred in whatever design you’re looking to create. If you’re looking for a brighter foil finish then hot foiling is often the best choice, as the heat and the pressure used in the process tend to make the foil much shinier. There are lots of different colours that can be used too, whether you’re looking for traditional gold or silver or coloured foils, such as metallic red.

Foil can always be recycled

No matter what type of foil you opt for, the foil can always be recycled, which is why foil blocking is an environmentally friendly process. To ensure that your designs are also environmentally friendly you just need to make sure that any other materials that are being used to create them are also recyclable – then your end product will be aligned with sustainability principles too.

Creating beautiful designs with foil doesn’t have to come at the expense of a commitment to the environment. In fact, foil blocking is as environmentally sound as it gets.

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