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The Process of Foil Stamping

By December 15, 2021January 17th, 2022News

Foil stamping is a very simple process that involves the application of metallic print and foil onto other materials, from cardboard to paper. No ink is required for the process of foil stamping, instead heated dies are applied to the metallic foil and used to create the overall final effect. Hot foil stamping has a range of different uses, from anti-counterfeiting measures to creating beautiful, luxury finishes on packaging. There are many different prints, textures and colours available and lots of benefits to investing in this process for your business.

How does foil stamping work?

Hot foil stamping has many different applications, from decoration on packaging and products for industries such as food, as well as anti-counterfeiting options for tobacco or medicines. It is also regularly used in the packaging sector, on bank notes, as well as on stationary and items such as business cards. There are two main processes that can be used for foil stamping:

  • Traditional hot foiling. This is where a metal die is engraved or etched with the design that will eventually be stamped in metal onto the chosen surface. Heat and pressure are applied to the plates so that the design is transferred in foil onto the final item.
  • Digital hot foiling. Specialised foil is used so that the design can be digitally printed onto the item – there are no heated dies involved in this process

The different kinds of foils available

There is more than one option when it comes to the foils that you can use for your hot foil stamping process. These include metallic foils, which are the most commonly used, and which will give you a classic metallic finish, as well as pigmented foils which can be employed to create a glossy or matte non-metallic design. Pearlescent foils are the best option for a very shiny finish while scratch foils are designed to be removed by something like a coin or a fingertip.

The benefits of hot foil stamping

There are some key reasons why hot foil stamping has become such an in-demand process:

  • It’s very visually appealing. This means that hot foil stamping is incredibly useful for helping to ensure that products stand out from the competition. It’s such a simple technique and yet one that has a really big impact on whether or not your products attract attention.
  • Hot foil stamping is incredibly versatile. You can choose from a range of different finishes as well as colours, which makes it simple to create distinctive and unique designs that can be personalised to fit with your branding.
  • It’s practical and durable. If you’re looking for a glamorous finish which is also very practical then hot foil stamping is ideal. It is moisture and chemical resistant and has proven durability. There are also lots of advantages when it comes to sustainability too.

Hot foil stamping is a versatile method for creating a distinctive look and also measures for anti-counterfeiting and quality guarantees. Whether you choose digital foiling or traditional hot foiling there are lots of benefits to investing in this process.

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