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The top, must-have hot foiling accessories

By September 17, 2019News

So you’ve decided to invest in a hot foil machine and you’re all set to begin your foiling journey. But what equipment will you need, and what do you need to know before you buy it? Check out our guide to the essential hot foiling accessories, how to choose the right product for your needs, and where to source them.


Not all paper is equal. Some papers are better for foiling than others, and the type of paper you use can make a considerable difference to the end result. Speak to your paper supplier for advice on the best substrates for your project.

The paper you stock will depend on what you are printing, but at the very least, you are likely to need top-quality paper for stationery printing, together with the correct foil type for the paper (grade), and a sharp imaged die.

hot foil printed gold card with small gold elephant

Hot foil dies

Dies can be supplied in different sizes and materials depending on the type of job you are tasked with completing. The most important element when choosing the die is the artwork. See our guide to artwork and ordering for further help on this, or contact our friendly team for assistance.

At Metallic Elephant we supply both brass and magnesium dies. Both can produce impressive results, but brass can work more effectively on certain paper and foil combinations.

logo letterpress stamps


There is no such thing as a foil that is multi-purpose, so it’s really important to get this right. Hot stamping foils are supplied in different grade types, which are set to codes supplied on the foil rolls. Foil suppliers will recommend the right grades for your products, and it’s vital for you to check and double-check that the foil is correct for its purpose.

Never be tempted to buy second-hand foil. It may seem like a bargain, but the time it has spent in storage and not knowing the history or grade of the foil could result in unexpected problems.

multi coloured foil stamping ribbons

Spares and parts

It’s important to keep your hot foil machine in good working order. Sometimes this means replacing the parts. Here at Metallic Elephant, we can help you to maintain your machine to the highest standards, with a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. If it’s just a spare part you’re after, you’re also in luck. Spares for the KSF range are always in stock, as we manufacture the machines here in Essex-based factory. We also carry a lot of parts for John T Marshall and Impress machines – just contact us to find out more.

hot foil machine spare parts

Type cabinets

It is very important to protect your brass type investment by storing it safely. We supply type cabinets for this purpose, which let you easily separate the letters to store them in alphabetical order. Our type cabinets can be stacked on top of each other so that you can add new cabinets as necessary to house your growing font library.

letterpress organisation cabinet