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What are Hot Foil Machines by Metallic Elephant?

By May 22, 2024News

With a legacy rooted deeply in British engineering and innovation, hot foil machines promise to deliver an unmatched level of quality and durability. At Metallic Elephant, we’re proud to be a family-owned business that produces high quality products. Let’s go through all the machines we’ve got.

The Essence of Metallic Elephant

Founded by Karl French and Ros French, both with decades of engineering experience, Metallic Elephant is a testament to British manufacturing prowess. The extensive expertise of both co-founders has instilled a deep commitment to quality across all our hot foil machines. As the only manufacturer in Britain that designs, builds, and services machines entirely in-house, we ensure that each product is not just functional but a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

The KSF Range: A Symbol of Innovation

The KSF range, named after co-founder Karl French, represents the pinnacle of hot foil machine development at Metallic Elephant. Designed and manufactured in Essex, these machines are the fruit of continuous innovation and a thorough understanding of customer needs. The range includes several popular models, each built to cater to different aspects of hot foil printing.

KSF Mini

Perfect for businesses with limited space, like pop-up shops, the KSF Mini offers the robustness of the KSF Series 1 but in a more compact form. Despite its smaller size, it retains all the hallmark features of its larger counterpart, such as the self-centring type holder and the precision of its build.

Reconditioned Machines: As Good as New

Understanding the investment involved in purchasing a hot foil machine, we offer reconditioned units that are as good as new. These include used John T Marshall and Impress hot foil printers, meticulously restored to meet exacting standards. With a six-month warranty and extensive support, these machines provide an excellent option for businesses looking to economise without compromising on quality.

Pneumatic Machines: For Industrial Needs

For businesses with larger-scale printing needs, the reconditioned pneumatic hot foil machines offer a viable and cost-effective solution. These machines are tailored to meet specific requirements and updated to the latest safety standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

Bespoke Machines: Custom Solutions

At Metallic Elephant, we excel in creating bespoke hot foil machines tailored to unique customer specifications. Using advanced SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design software, their engineers can bring even the most complex concepts to life, ensuring that each custom machine perfectly matches its intended use.

Personalisation and Accessories

Responding to the growing demand for personalised products, we at Metallic Elephant have developed high-quality personalisation presses, including the renowned KSF 1. We also craft our own brass type sets, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses eager to add a bespoke touch to their products. This initiative underscores our commitment to catering to the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring they can deliver uniquely customised items that stand out in the market.

Maintenance and Spares

The longevity of a hot foil machine significantly depends on the quality of its maintenance and the parts used. At Metallic Elephant, we provide comprehensive MOT services for older machines, including those from John T Marshall, to ensure they continue to operate flawlessly. Additionally, we manufacture high-quality spare parts that meet or exceed original specifications, effectively extending the life of the machines. Our dedication to maintaining and enhancing these complex machines demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring our equipment remains reliable and efficient for years to come.