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What Makes Hot Foil Printing Stand out

By August 3, 2022August 11th, 2022News

Hot foil printing provides a distinctive way to ensure that your products really stand out. It’s a simple printing technique that anyone can use and will achieve some really eye-catching results. Whether you’re looking to create stand out packaging or business cards, or marketing materials that will look more appealing than the competition, hot foil printing is a really easy way to achieve this. So, what is it about hot foil printing that really makes it stand out?

The process of hot foil printing

Hot foil printing – also known as hot foil stamping – is a technique that applies a metallic or pigmented foil to a surface to bring a design to life. This traditional method uses a foiling die, which is a metal plate that has been specifically created in your individual design. The die is created using either chemical etching or created with CNC’s and you can shape it into virtually any design with this process. The printing die is heated up and then applied to a layer of hot foil on top of the substrate that you want to use (the material that you’re printing on). The application of heat and pressure means that your final design ends up on the material in the foil that you’ve chosen for it.

What makes hot foil printing stand out?

  • You can use many different types of foil to achieve the perfect end result. That could be a traditional metallic foil with a shiny finish or it could be a pigment foil. You could even use a scratch off foil (like you’d find on a scratch card, for example) or opt for a holographic foil for a distinctive futuristic finish.
  • Hot foil printing can be used in so many different ways. Today, many high-end brands use hot foil printing in their packaging, for example, or as a way to demonstrate credibility and originality. You might see it on business cards as well as attractive greetings cards and it often makes an appearance on invitations, whether they are professional or personal.
  • The traditional method of hot foil printing provides a very distinctive finish. It tends to be a textural and luxurious finish, especially when used in combination with embossing. Items that have been hot foil printed tend to have a “pick me up” appeal, as the textural nature of the technique makes people reach out for them.
  • Hot foil printing can work with many different materials. You’ll see hot foil printing most often with paper but it’s a very versatile technique that can actually be used with a very wide range of other materials too.

From the selection of foils available to the aesthetic appeal that a foil printed item has, these are just some of the things that make hot foil printing stand out as an aesthetic tool today.