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Best print finishes for 2022

By December 28, 2022News

Print marketing is all about making an impact. If you’ve invested time and resources in creating print marketing, such as brochures or business cards, then it will generate a return on investment when it gets noticed. That’s why the print finish is an important part of the process – it’s this that will help to ensure that your print materials make the cut. If you’re in the process of planning new designs, these are the best print finishes for 2022.

Foil stamping (hot foil)

If you really want to make sure that your print materials are the centre of attention then hot foil is a guaranteed way to achieve that. It’s a very simple process that uses a die to transfer a design in metallic foil through the application of pressure and heat. Hot foil is ideal for crisp lines and larger designs and there are lots of different ways to make this print finish your own. You can opt for traditional metallic foils, including gold and silver, or go for a different colour or something like a holographic finish. Hot foil is ideal for making elements of your print marketing stand out if you really want them to get noticed. For example, you could use it around a discount code you want someone to use or to emphasise the USP of your business.


One of the best ways to make your print marketing pop is to make it 3D – and embossing is perfect for this. Anyone keen to have a more textural and 3D design should consider embossing as a print finish. You have probably already seen it on the highest quality business cards, for example, or to add a touch of class to stationery. Using embossing is a great option because it’s incredibly versatile as a print finish. There are a range of different edge effects to choose from, including straight and curved, and you can integrate a whole range of different layers of embossing to create a really unique design. Plus, it’s simple to combine embossing with foil stamping so that your design has both a metallic finish and a 3D effect.

When it comes to print materials, making them distinctive is a quick win. Using print finishes such as hot foil and embossing are a very effective way to make what you create stand out.