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Can Metallic Elephant repair your hot foil machines?

By February 15, 2023News

Hot foil machines can get a lot of use – and this can often lead to them falling into disrepair. If you’ve invested in a hot foil machine then the last thing you want is to not be able to use it. Metallic Elephant are experts when it comes to hot foil machines, not just in terms of making them and using them but also with respect to vital repairs too.

John T Marshall hot foil presses

Metallic Elephant is one of the only companies out there with the skills and tools to be able to effectively repair your John T Marshall hot foil press or Impress hot foil machine. So, if you’re keen to ensure that this goes on performing far into the future, we are the team to support you. That could be a machine MOT, or servicing, or repair for any issue. Metallic Elephant manufacture and supply a broad spectrum of spare parts for hot foil machines, which is why the company is so versatile. In fact, it’s not just John T Marshall or Impress hot foil machines that the team can provide support for but virtually any hot foil machine out there. You can also get support with fixing the machine yourself if that’s your preference – our engineers will advise on your issue and the necessary repair and can provide the parts you need to fix the machine.

A little bit of TLC for your machine

Your hot foil machine may not actually require any repair but just a bit of TLC instead – or some regular maintenance. Here, the team at Metallic Elephant can help too. Skilled engineers are available to come and carry out maintenance to your hot foil machines on-site if necessary. We can also give the machines all of the care and attention that they might need in our workshop, solving any problem and just generally giving the machine a little bit of love.

Providing all the required parts

One of the big advantages of Metallic Elephant is that we have a wealth of stock of spare parts – and can even make them for you. So, you’re never going to be without the part you need to get up and running again quickly. That includes:

  • Die blocks. We can produce spare die blocks for any needs, including one-offs or multi-colour work.
  • Rewind belts. Our team can supply a correctly measured belt for exactly the machine that you’re using.
  • Heater box insulation. As the hot foil machine gets older, insulation tends to crumble, and this tends to have an impact on how easy it is to use and to make printing adjustments. We can supply you with new insulation to get you up and running again.
  • Heat controllers. We provide full writing diagrams and fitting-in instructions with our heat controllers.

Can Metallic Elephant repair your hot foil machines? The short answer is: yes. And we can ensure you’re up and running again in no time too.