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Choosing the perfect Hot Foil Stamping Machine

By December 22, 2021January 17th, 2022News

Hot foil stamping technology can be used in many different ways, from anti-counterfeiting measures to creating distinctive and eye-catching aesthetics on products and packaging. Choosing the right hot foil stamping machine can make all the difference to how easy the process is to manage and how effective it is when it comes to creating desired designs.

Hot foil stamping – The basics!

If you’re using hot foil stamping then you’re simply applying a metallic foil to another material, whether that’s paper, cardboard, or laminated boards. The technique for doing this uses heat and pressure, which is why the process is called hot foil stamping. It’s a term that can include many different types of application, including simple flat foil stamping, the use of hologram and holographic foils, deep embossing and foil stamping that is combined with structural and micro embossing.

What is hot foil stamping used for?

You’ll find hot foil stamping on many different products and packaging. For example, it is often used by luxury brands to indicate a premium product and frequently appears on greetings cards. The shiny foil on banknotes is also applied by the process of hot foil stamping. Plus, hot foil stamping can be used as an anti-counterfeit measure in many different industries, including for food, tobacco and pharmaceutical products.

How does hot foil stamping work?

Metallic foil is applied to the chosen surface with a sculpted metal plate on top. During the process of hot foil stamping that metal plate is heated up and, as this happens, the foil begins to adhere to the material that it has been pressed against. It will appear on that surface in the same design as is on the plate itself. The foil used in the process is a special product that will have many different layers, including an image layer, lacquered layer, release layer and a layer that delivers the foil colours.

How foil stamping machines – what are the options?

  • Round-round machine. This hot foil stamping machine is similar to a printing press. It has rotating cylinders that spin in different directions – the foil and the material are placed in the middle of the cylinders which are then pressed together. It’s the ideal machine for very detailed designs.
  • Flat-flat machine. Foil dies are connected to a flat metal plate and the foil and material then sit within that plate and a counter plate. This is the simplest option for hot foiling and all the parts are likely to be easily available on the market so it’s very straightforward to set up.
  • Round-flat machines. The counter-plate in the flat-foil machine is replaced with a cylinder in this type of hot foiling. Horizontal pressure is then applied against the cylinder. If you only have a few pieces to hot foil, this machine is the best choice.

Choosing the right hot foil machine will depend on some key factors, including the size of the project that you’re committing to, the detail of the design and the material that you want to hot foil onto. The best option will usually be to buy from a business that can customise the machine to your individual needs.