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Could ‘Digital Lavender’ be the Colour of the year 2023?

By October 19, 2022October 25th, 2022News

If you, like us, tend to get excited by the Colour of the Year announcements then we have some inside information on what this is likely to be for 2023. As confirmed by both Pantone and WGSN, the Colour of the Year 2023 is likely to be Digital Lavender. Google this and you will see a joyous shade of lavender, alive with warmth and energy – exactly what we all need for a year that has to get off to a hopeful start.

What does the Colour of the Year really mean?

It tends to be the colour that we see the most often – so, for example, it is reflected in seasonal fashion collections and it inspires everything, from advertising campaigns to new make-up shades. It can also be a big influence when it comes to interior design – the Colour of the Year tends to appear on everything, from tiles to paint shades, furniture and curtains. It could even be translated into a hair colour so look out for this vibrant shade if you’re keen for a new look next year. The best thing about Digital Lavender as the shade for 2023 is that it is bold and bright and ideally suited to making waves.

Why is Digital Lavender the top choice?

Forecasters believe that this is the shade that will be named the Colour of the Year for 2023 thanks to inside info and insight. Digital Lavender already has an online presence, as it is very close in tone to Very Peri, which was chosen for 2022. However, Very Peri is a much subtler colour and doesn’t have the punch and presence that Digital Lavender does. There are many different references that have been identified as inspiration for Digital Lavender, some more obvious than others. For example, spiritual references such as that relating to the Crown Chakra, which is represented as purple. A tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II is another possible inspiration, as purple is a regal colour. The choice is also thought to have been partially inspired by the virtual furniture created by Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger, as well as campaigns such as Puma and Living Colour’s sustainability campaign, Design to Fade. The fact that the colour signifies serenity, stability and digital escapism does make it seem like the perfect choice to top the colour spectrum in 2023.

We love the idea of Digital Lavender

There are so many reasons why Digital Lavender makes sense as the Colour of the Year for 2023. From the fact that it is gender inclusive to the balance it achieves between softness and edginess, and the way it’s likely to be embraced by all generations, it’s a perfect inspiration for next year. And, of course, Digital Lavender won’t be the only shade we’re celebrating next year as Pantone has released key colours for the seasons too, including Luscious Red for spring 2023 and Lazuli Blue for the autumn.

Digital Lavender could well be the Colour of the Year 2023 – it looks like a fairly certain bet.