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Personalise Your Packaging With a Hot Foil Machine From Metallic Elephant

By October 12, 2022April 19th, 2023News

A hot foil machine from Metallic Elephant is an effective creative tool when it comes to designing personalised packaging for your brand. Given the vital role that packaging has to play today, both in customer experience and also ensuring that your products stand out on both physical and virtual shelves, it is a key marketing component to invest in. Hot foiling provides options to create packaging that will give your products an edge.

Why Opt For Metallic Elephant?

We are the only machine maker in the UK that still designs, builds and services hot foil machines. Our hot foil machines have evolved significantly over the years and today are efficient, effective and very easy to use. They are built at our state-of-the-art factory and designed at our innovative workshop in the countryside. We ensure that each one is perfectly made and designed to take advantage of the best that this technology has to offer today.

Metallic Elephant – A Highly Experienced Team

Our business was founded by Karl French who has more than 30 years experience in engineering and craftsmanship. He also spent more than two decades at John T Marshall where he learned every detail about hot foil machine making so as to be able to produce the best quality and most innovative designs. The quest for innovation remains a priority at Metallic Elephant. This not only ensures that we are able to offer the most cutting edge design for these clever machines but also that our hot foil machines have longevity and will last for many years to come.

The Biggest Brands Opt for Hot Foiling

Using hot foiling on your packaging aligns you with some of the biggest and best loved brands in the world. You’ll find Metallic Elephant hot foil machines on every continent today and used by businesses that are both boutique and global. From Smythson to Asprey, the Cambridge Satchel Company and Acqua di Parma, these are just a few of the brands that have invested in the technology that Metallic elephant has to offer when it comes to hot foil machines.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hot Foiling for Yourself

Investing in a Metallic Elephant hot foiling machine gives you options with respect to packaging, especially if you’re looking to personalise. Metallics are well known for their eye-catching qualities, attracting consumers to handling your products and selecting them first off the shelf. Using a hot foil machine for packaging is also a simple way to denote quality, luxury and decadence, as well as to offer a guarantee of individuality and credibility. Plus, as Metallic Elephant hot foiling machines are so easy to use you can get really creative when it comes to personalising the packaging you design so that it is totally aligned with your brand. From different coloured foils to textures and designs there are lots of ways to experiment.

Metallic Elephant hot foil machines provide a simple way to personalise your packaging by making it completely unique.