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Gold Foil Business Cards: Make your branding stand out

By January 19, 2022News

The festive season may be over but that doesn’t mean that your branding doesn’t still deserve some sparkle. In fact, now is the ideal time of year to invest in hot foil stamping that adds a shimmer of gold to your designs so that they can really stand out. We’re at the start of a fresh year and if you want to make sure that you get the most from your branding in 2022, gold foil business cards are an easy way to accomplish this.

Making a unique first impression

The use of gold foil on business cards is a really effective way to ensure that your card stands out in a pile of others. It will also create a memorable design that can be used to reinforce your other branding and introduce a feeling of consistency and quality. If you make one investment in your branding this year, gold foil business cards are a simple way to achieve a big impact.

The process of creating gold foil business cards

If you’re going to have gold foil on your business cards then the design will be created via a process called hot foil stamping. Foil stamping can be done digitally or using a more traditional approach where hot dies are used to stamp a bespoke design onto your business cards in the foil of your choice. There are lots of different options when it comes to the design that you use on your business cards, whether it’s your name, a logo or the outline of an image. Hot foil stamping is quick and simple and a very effective way to optimise the use of the gold foil, especially if you’re keen to create the impression of credibility and luxe.

Tips for using gold foil on business cards

  • Choose the background colour carefully. For example, if you really want the metallic foil to stand out then opting for a dark colour, such as midnight blue, will ensure that this happens. Lighter colours can work too depending on the colour palette you’re working to and the tone of the foil that you choose. Remember the impact that colour can have and choose shades that fit with your brand and represent the feelings you want to create about your brand in the person who has your business card.
  • Make sure you use a proper hot foil stamping machine. The only way to ensure that the finished design looks professional and has all the necessary detail is to invest in a high quality hot foil stamping machine.
  • Use a design that will benefit from the hot foil stamping process. The most effective business cards often have the simplest designs and if you’re using gold foil then you can apply this where you most want to accent details and where you want to draw the most attention. Simple logos, for example, can be really impactful when they are stamped in gold foil on a dark background.

Gold foil business cards will ensure that your branding stands out and hot foil stamping is the simplest way to create them.

If you are looking at creating high-quality and luxury business cards, then hot foil stamping is by far the way to achieve this. We have a small range of hot stamping foils available for graphics, plastics and leather. We like to keep this stock current with the latest trends but always have the main staples of Gold and Silver in gloss and matt.