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Here’s why you need to foil your wedding invitations…

By May 18, 2022May 23rd, 2022News

Wedding days are a celebratory occasion, which makes them the ideal time to go all out on a fancy aesthetic. Your wedding invitations are going to set the tone for the event and give your guests a sense of what to expect when they come to your big day. No matter what the style of the wedding, or the invitations you want to create, adding foil can make them feel completely unique and also add some shine and fun.

How does foil on wedding invitations work?

There are lots of different options when it comes to adding foil to your wedding invitation. From classic shiny gold or silver to matte and pearlescent foils and those that come in a wide range of different colours you can choose foil that works with your desired design. The process is simple – and is one that has been used for centuries to make important documents memorable and distinctive. Invitations can be foil printed or you can add foil to your wedding invitations using a hot foil stamping method that creates a beautiful, textural finish. It’s very simple to replicate the design for whatever the volume of invites you need and (if you opt for hot foil stamping) each one will be a tiny bit unique.

How can you use foil on wedding invites?

When you choose foil, you’re working with a very versatile material that you can use to create in whatever way works for you. These are just some of the options when it comes to working with foil:

  • Foil print some, or all, of the text on the wedding invite. If you opt to foil just some of it, focus on the words that you want to highlight.
  • Foil the edges of the invite or use it to create a shiny border.
  • Use the foiling on the envelopes for each invite.
  • Create a foil printed card to go behind a translucent invitation for a really different look.
  • Combine the foil printing with another print style, such as embossing or blind letterpress.
  • Remember that foil is opaque so you can print it onto any colour of invite, even darker shades like black or midnight blue.
  • Use the foil to create a consistent aesthetic so that it sets the tone, not just on the invites, but also on menus, signs, itineraries etc – any other documents that are also going to be part of the day.

What wedding invite styles work well with foil?

The truth is that foil is so versatile it will work with most styles and aesthetics. It can be subtle with an antique-style finish or it could be used to create a bold monochrome look of bright gold on black, for example. The more traditional metallics tend to have a vintage feel while some of the newer shades – such as rose gold – feel thoroughly modern.

Versatile, good looking and easy to work with, these are just some of the reasons why foil needs to make an appearance on your wedding invitations.

If you are keen to enhance your wedding invitations, then hot foiling is by far the best way to achieve this. Our range of hot stamping foils and hot foil dies will make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd.