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Top 5 benefits of Gold Foil Printing

By May 11, 2022News

Gold foil printing is becoming increasingly popular due to the eye-catching aesthetic it achieves and the way this makes products and materials stand out. If you’re keen to create striking marketing materials, packaging, brochures, etc this technique is one of the simplest ways to achieve it.

What is gold foil printing?

Also known as ‘hot foiling’ and ‘hot foil stamping,’ it’s the process of creating a design that is finished in metallic foil. The traditional method of achieving this is with engraved plates that are heated and applied to the material (paper, cardboard, etc) with a thin layer of foil in between. When the plates are pressed down they leave behind the impression of the design in metallic foil. You can also achieve gold foil printing using digital printing.

The benefits of gold foil printing

  1. A unique design that really stands out. Metallics will set your marketing materials etc apart from the others thanks to the texture and shine of the finished design. There is also evidence to suggest that marketing materials that are considered unique are likely to be retained longer, making them much more effective.
  2. Enhance your aesthetic. Gold is a tone that most of us associate with wealth, luxury and winning. Whether it’s gold medals at the Olympics or the glimmer of gold coins, where we see this metallic accent it always tends to make us think of something premium. Using gold foil printing can enhance your brand perception thanks to this natural human association.
  3. High quality, high class. Gold foil printing always looks expensive and will create the idea that your brand – and your products and/or services – are premium and high quality as a result. The reality is that it’s not expensive to use gold foil printing – or hot foil stamping – to create beautiful designs but the end result will always look like it has cost a lot more than it has.
  4. Tailor gold foil printing to your specific requirements. This is a very versatile process and one that you can design to your own individual needs. That makes gold foil printing a great tool for creating something really unique and ensuring that you make the greatest possible impact. You can also use gold foil printing as a way to highlight something important, enhance a particular detail and ensure that the eye of the beholder is drawn to exactly the right spot.
  5. Easy to achieve results. Not only is gold foil printing not as expensive as it looks but it’s also much easier to work with than it might seem. Whether you’re using hot foil stamping plates or digital gold foil printing it’s very simple to achieve your desired result – and to duplicate this multiple times if necessary.

Gold foil printing has many benefits, from a luxurious look and feel to the fact that it’s so easy to work with and low cost to use. It’s one of the simplest ways to achieve a unique and distinctive finish across any kind of packaging or marketing materials.

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