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Make your product packaging stand out with foil stamping

By May 26, 2022News

Product packaging is a vital part of ensuring that all the effort you put into what you’re selling really gets results. The right packaging can create an instant ‘pick me’ effect that causes a customer to reach out for your item on the shelf. It is also vital when it comes to consistent branding and communicating the values and standards of your brand. Foil stamping is a technique that can ground your product packaging design in uniqueness and ensure that it has everything you need to make an impact.

Why use foil stamping on your packaging?

You’ll see the foil stamping aesthetic on packaging across many different industries, from food and beverage to cosmetics and wellness products. One study found that, for any brand seeking to attract attention to its products on the shelf, high visibility enhancements – such as the use of foil stamping – are key. Shoppers will only view around 50% of products in any specific category so it’s vital that yours has the components to make it stand out.

What does foil stamping involve?

It’s simply the process of applying metal foil to your product packaging using heated dies that have been engraved with your chosen design. Foil stamping can be applied to most paper stocks and is a very simple process. You’ll have a choice of different metallic finishes, from pearlescent to matte, as well as a broad spectrum of shades from traditional gold and silver through to rose gold and other vibrant colours.

What do you need to think about when foil stamping packaging?

  • Use foil stamping to highlight. The process of foil stamping is ideal if you’re looking to make a specific piece of text stand out to the person viewing your packaging. Logos, accents and borders all look great in foil stamping.
  • Factor foil stamping in from the start. If you’re going to use foil stamping then you’ll need to factor this into every stage of your packaging design. It will be important to ensure that you’re using fonts and graphics that are going to work optimally when they’ve been rendered in foil.
  • Choose the right paper stock. Foil stamping will work with most types of paper but be sure to avoid anything that might be too thin or too porous. Bear in mind that uncoated paper stock is likely to work better than coated.
  • Foil stamping works well with other techniques. For example, packaging that has been both embossed and foil stamped can be incredibly eye-catching. You can get really creative when it comes to foil stamping so don’t limit yourself to what you’ve seen other people do.
  • It’s not just for packaging. If you want to ensure consistent branding across your business you can use foil stamping for your branding, as well as business cards, stationery, certificates, brochures and labels too.

If you want to make your product packaging – and all your branding – really stand out then foil stamping can bring your designs to life.

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