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Position Your Business as a Premium Brand

By June 15, 2022News

The premium market is fairly saturated today and it can seem like a challenge to make your brand stand out if you’re looking to build an audience. Hot foiling can be a very effective tool with respect to achieving an aesthetic that conveys everything that a customer might need to know about your brand, from exclusivity to credibility. It’s a great investment that can deliver some pretty impressive returns when it comes to market positioning.

Send the right signals to your target customers

Branding and packaging have a vital role to play in terms of attracting customers to your brand. These are the tools that will give people an idea of where you are positioned in the market, as well as the quality standards that they can expect if they choose to buy from you. Here, hot foiling has a lot to offer in terms of communicating the right messages. It will send a subtle signal to your customers that your brand is luxury and that your products and/or services are high quality. The use of metallic foils reinforces the feeling that this is a brand that has a real sense of class.

Easy, consistent branding

To establish yourself as a premium brand in the minds of customers you need to ensure that your branding is consistent. Hot foiling is a simple tool to help achieve this, as it can be used on everything, from packaging to business cards and customised communication. It’s very easy and cost-effective to use and the end results consistently show customers that your brand is a premium one, wherever they come into contact with it.

Position your brand at a luxury price point

Products are only worth what someone will pay for them and brand perception has a big role to play in this. Hot foiling can contribute to vital areas of brand perception, such as credibility. You can also use it to create a luxury aesthetic that will reinforce the idea that your brand sits in the premium section of the market. This will make it easier to achieve a higher price point for your products or services.

Make your items stand out on the shelves

How do you ensure that your products catch the eye of your customer when they’re stacked on the shelves alongside many others? One simple answer is to use hot foiling in your packaging. Humans are naturally drawn to shiny things, especially if they have the textural finish that hot foiling does. Packaging that has been hot foiled will encourage customers to pick up products and handle them, which increases the likelihood that they will go on to buy.

Apply unique personalisation

One of the hallmarks of premium brands today is the ability to personalise products to make them completely unique. From customised stationery to monogrammed leather goods, there are many ways in which hot foiling can enable you to personalise products for customers.

If you’re keen to position your business as a premium brand, hot foiling offers plenty of tools to help you do it.