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Reasons to use hot foil for elegant wedding invitations

By June 8, 2022June 13th, 2022News

Weddings are a great excuse for glamour, sophistication and sparkle, as well as indulging your most decadent ideas and aesthetics. Using hot foil for wedding invitations is an opportunity to make designs feel truly unique and to convey the sense of occasion that is ideal for this big day. Using hot foil for wedding invitations is also a bone fide trend and the most elegant wedding invitations today have this essential touch of shimmer.

Why use hot foil to create elegant wedding invitations?

  • There are lots of different options you can choose to make your invitations completely unique. From the colour of the foil to the paper type that you opt for, you can pick classy combinations that are on-theme for your wedding and give your invites a really special feel. Choose traditional gold or silver foil or pick something a little bit more unusual, whether that’s a rose gold foil or a coloured foil. There are more than 300 foil print combinations to choose from so you have many different options when it comes to picking elegant wedding invites that are ideal for you.
  • Customise, customise, customise. As anyone who has organised a wedding will know, customisation can be hard to come by especially if you’re on a budget. However, hot foil lends itself ideally to a customised finish and it won’t break the bank either. When you’re using hot foil you can print any design in any colour and you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to the material you print onto as well, including texturised card.
  • Quick and simple. Hot foiling is a simple process that can be used to create wedding invitations quickly. So, whether you’re feeling inspired and want to get on with the invites, or you’ve left everything until the last minute and need to work quickly, hot foiling is easy and swift.
  • Options to ensure that your invites are environmentally friendly. If you’re keen to make sure that you’re taking sustainability into account when it comes to your wedding invites then this is easy to do. Choose recycled card, for example, or opt for digital foiling, which tends to produce less waste. Many hot foil products are completely recyclable and can simply be placed into a recycling bin when they’re finished with – all you need to do is ensure that the components you use (foil and card) are both recyclables.
  • Great value for money. There’s no doubt that wedding invitations that have been hot foiled look a cut above the rest. In fact, the metallic shimmer always looks elegant and expensive but the cost of hot foiling your wedding invites is actually pretty low. So, you can achieve a beautiful, elegant design that is great value for money and invites people to attend your big day in style (and on budget).

Hot foil is a very simple way to effortlessly create elegant wedding invitations that won’t bust your budget. From the options to customise to the simplicity of the process there are plenty of benefits to choosing hot foil for this part of your special day.