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Small Business vs Corporate Business: What hot foil machine should I get?

By January 4, 2023January 13th, 2023News

Hot foil stamping is a market that has grown significantly in recent years. Even through a pandemic, the popularity of the hot foil machine has continued to expand. In fact, the global hot stamping foils market is expected to increase in size by $124.50 million by 2024. If you are one of the many businesses looking to invest in a hot foil machine, then no doubt you’re trying to work out which is the best option for you. Here are our tips for both small businesses and large corporate enterprises.

What does a hot foil machine do?

It enables you to make designs distinctive, whether that’s adding a metallic stamp to your packaging, metallic accents to business cards or applying unique branding to marketing materials. Using a hot foil machine gives you the option of working with metallics, which have a powerful effect and are much more likely to convey quality and to help products get picked up off the shelf. You can use a hot foil machine in a number of different ways, from flat foil stamping to applying holographic foil, combining foil stamping with other techniques like embossing or with structural or micro embossing. As well as for marketing and branding purposes, hot foil machines can be used to create a decorative mark and also as a very effective anti-counterfeit measure.

Hot foil machines – the options

  • Round-round hot foil stamping. This is effectively the same as a printing press with spinning cylinders rotating in opposite directions on both sides. The foil stamping takes place between the two cylinders. This machine can work at high speeds and it’s ideal for creating very detailed and intricate designs.
  • Flat-flat hot foil stamping. This type of hot foil machine uses hot foil stamping dies – flat metal plates that are engraved with your design – and the foil stamping happens between the plate and a counter plate. This type of machine is very simple to set up and the parts of it tend to be readily available online.
  • Round-flat hot foil stamping. A machine using this system has one flat plate and one spinning cylinder to achieve the desired outcome. A great choice for projects with only a few pieces.

What hot foil machine should I get?

  • Choose a machine that can handle your goal load capacity. For example, if your projects are sizable, it will be preferable to have an automatic stamper rather than a manual one.
  • Make sure the machine can tolerate the material you’re choosing. Some machines might be limited to just paper and cards so if that isn’t what you’re looking for it’s important to check.
  • What space do you have available? Hot foil machines come in many sizes and designs, including floor and countertops. Pick one that works with the space you have available.

A hot foil machine can be transformative for any business, whether an SME or a large corporate. These are some of the key points to address when it comes to choosing the right one for you