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Understanding Foil Printing and why you should use it?

By October 27, 2022News

When it comes to creative assets you can do a lot more with them if you have the tools to create something really distinctive – foil printing is one of those tools. From business cards to packaging and personal invitations, there are so many ways that you can use foil printing to make a design stand out. Whether you’re looking to create a sense of luxury and sophistication or increase distinctiveness of packaging on the shelves, understanding foil printing can help you to start enjoying its benefits.

What is foil printing?

It uses heat and pressure to add a foil effect to a design. Foil printing dies are created that have your specific design engraved into them and these are used to repeat the same design on whatever the material you’re looking to use for hot foil printing. When the dies are ready they are applied to the material with a thin layer of metallic foil in between. The dies are heated and when they are pressed down onto the design it is transferred onto the required finished product. The process is incredibly simple and is used today to create many different types of products, including wedding invitations, bespoke packaging and business marketing. There are very few limits with foil printing – just make sure that the font and design you want are going to work with the foil printing process.

Why should you use foil printing?

You can use foil printing to add a glossy, shiny, reflective or matte metallic finish to your design. There are lots of different options available thanks to the wide range of foils to choose from. As well as gold, silver and other traditional metallics you can also use boldly coloured metallic foils, as well as those that have a different finish, from holographic to super glossy. All of these options mean that you can create a very distinctive design, something that will stand out from the others and convey a sense of uniqueness. You can also pair foil printing with other printing techniques and finishes so that you get a precise result that is specifically aligned with your branding and ideas.

When does foil printing work?

It’s such a simple and straightforward process that you can use foil printing for anything. However, there are some situations where foil printing is the obvious first choice for creating a unique and powerful design. For example, it works really well on invitations as well as business stationery, such as letterhead and cards. Foil printing is also ideal if you’re looking to create distinctive packaging elements, such as stickers, labels or boxes that are unique and inviting. Plus, foil printing is perfect for promotional materials for a business because it’s so eye-catching, whether that’s booklets, leaflets, flyers or anything else that requires a customer to notice it before picking it up.

Foil printing is a simple process to understand and use – and one that really delivers when it comes to attractive, outstanding end results.

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