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Who is Metallic Elephant and our story

By September 22, 2021October 25th, 2021News

Hot foil printing is a traditional practice with a great deal of history and at Metallic Elephant we’re proud to be part of this majestic heritage and the innovation and aesthetic beauty that it can deliver today. Our business draws on experience of more than 35 years combined with a passionate commitment to the hot foil printing machines and hot foil presses that can make such a difference to your products.

What do we do?

At Metallic Elephant we make hot foil printing machines and hot foil presses. We’ve been creating this magic at our factory in the heart of the British countryside for over 15 years and we are passionate about what we do. Our business takes a boutique approach to making hot foil printing machines and presses – we are the only company in the country that designs and builds these machines by hand and to order and we also service and refurbish older machines, returning them to their previous glory. Our approach is to bring together a robust engineering heritage that provides the technical and engineering skills required to design and build hot foil printing machines and presses, with a desire for innovation and being sticklers to high standards.

What is our story?

We are a family owned business bringing more than two decades of engineering experience to the table. Karl was a leading mechanical engineer at John T Marshall and has ensured that Metallic Elephant always treads a careful line between engineering tradition and skill, and cutting edge, forward-thinking innovation. Co-founder Ros comes with a long and rich history in the print industry and production manager Vincent ensures that every order ships out perfectly. From the engineering team to Ellie the Miniature Schnauzer, everyone at Metallic Elephant is dedicated to the business and all it can do for our clients.

Working with Metallic Elephant

  • We make perfectly designed hot foil printing machines that last and continue to deliver exceptional quality as long as you need to use them. Our machines are a benchmark for some of the greatest brands in the world, including Asprey, Smythson and Acqua di Parma.
  • We also have a broad spectrum of hot foil stamping materials available. Although we are not foil manufacturers we work closely with Foilco and other leading foil brands so that we can supply everything that you need in a single package.
  • Personalisation presses. Our KSF1 Hot Foil personalisation presses have already sold in their hundreds and are a really simple way to ensure that all individual personalisation needs are covered.
  • Hot foil brass dies provide the ultimate versatility, quality and endurance. We can design and create hot foil brass and magnesium blocks that have intricate details and then finish them by hand using the artisan skills within the team.

The team at Metallic Elephant is passionate about what we do, from the hot foil printing machines that we create to the innovation we are constantly pursuing – such as the personalisation presses. Whatever the specific hot foil printing needs of your business, we can help.

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