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Why choose hot foiling to enhance your prints

By November 10, 2021News

If you’re looking for an instant way to enhance your prints, hot foiling is the obvious choice. This tried and tested method adds uniqueness and flair to anything that you’re trying to create. Whether that’s business cards, flyers, headed paper, or prints for window displays, hot foiling is a very quick and effective way to bring your ideas to life.

What is involved in the process of hot foiling?

This is where a very thin sheet of metal is pressed onto the desired surface and then heat is used to ‘punch’ it into place. You’ve probably seen hot foiling used by other businesses, most often where there is a need to create a luxury feel, for example on product labels, or to make something like a business card or a menu really stand out. Hot foiling is really simple but the finish is eye-catching and has the potential to enhance a whole range of prints.

Why choose hot foiling to enhance your prints?

  • Stand out from the crowd. Hot foiling isn’t just a great technique for differentiating your prints from competitors but also for ensuring that they catch the eye of consumers. It adds a sense of depth and decadence wherever it is used and also is very noticeable. We are all drawn to shiny things and if you want your labels, business card or display to be the one that potential customers are attracted to, hot foiling can help you to achieve that.
  • Be creative. Yes, you can use the traditional gold and silver metallics when it comes to hot foiling. However, there are also many other options too. For example, foils come in a range of different metallic colours, as well as a glossy or matte finish. There are multiple ways to create a design that is distinctive and evocative.
  • You can use hot foiling on lots of different surfaces. You might have seen hot foiling on paper, cardboard, etc but it can also be used on other materials, whether that’s real leather tags for your products or even materials such as wood. There aren’t many limits when it comes to where you can use hot foiling in your business so the opportunities are endless.
  • The best way to communicate luxe. We all tend to associate golds and silvers with a sense of luxury. If this is the aesthetic that you’re looking to convey for your brand, integrating hot foiling as a way to enhance your prints will communicate this directly to your customers.
  • A cost-effective investment. Given the luxe feel that hot foiling adds to prints you might have assumed that it would come with a high price tag but that’s not the case. It’s actually a very cost-effective way to bring detail and uniqueness to elements of branding, packaging and marketing that might otherwise not feel that unique.

If you’re keen to enhance your prints, hot foiling is by far one of the best ways to achieve this. We have a small range of hot stamping foils available for graphics, plastics and leather. We like to keep this stock current with the latest trends but always have the main staples of Gold and Silver in gloss and matt.