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Why consider hot foil to make your packaging stand out?

By November 17, 2021News

Great packaging can be a key differentiator, strengthen brand perception and convey qualities such as luxury and credibility. It’s a vital element in marketing any product and needs to be distinctive and aligned with the messaging of your brand. In today’s saturated markets it’s challenging to make your packaging stand out but one of the simplest ways to do this is with hot foil.

How does it work?

Hot foil stamping uses heat and pressure to apply metallic foils to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and laminated board. It could be straightforward flat foil stamping or a combination of embossing and foil stamping or even the application of holographic foil. In an era where packaging needs to be an effective marketing tool, reinforcing the value of the product and giving it an aesthetic edge over competitors, hot foil can make all the difference to whether your packaging gets noticed.

Why opt for hot foil for distinctive packaging?

  • It works in any industry. Hot foil can be integrated into packaging in just about any industry. It’s especially popular in food and drink, cosmetics, electronics and on banknotes, greeting cards and business cards.
  • Hot foil adds value to your investment in packaging. One study found that hot foil and other similar enhancements not only attract customer attention faster but also help to sustain it for longer. Using hot foil isn’t the only way to make your products stand out – other options include cold foil, metal inks and varnishes – but it is one of the most effective.
  • We are attracted to shiny things. Research into disposable single-serve coffee packaging, for example, found that items with gold foil attracted the attention of customers 2.5 times faster than those without.
  • It adds a sense of luxe, trust and credibility. We naturally associate metallics such as hot foil with a sense of luxury and this can be vital for establishing brand credentials. Hot foil is also often used to help avoid counterfeiting, for example with electronics or pharmaceuticals.
  • Hot foil is a sustainable option. The foil itself is recyclable and it has been well established that it doesn’t create any issues for recycling the materials to which it is attached (e.g., paper etc).
  • It is an evolving technology. Hot foil actually has a creative history that goes back over 100 years – while the process itself hasn’t changed that dramatically the technology used to achieve it today has. Hot foil stampers today are much more accurate and effective and way more efficient than their older counterparts. As the technology has evolved there have been more opportunities to allow retailers etc to use more cost-effective hot foil stamping to create bigger margins.

The application of metallic foil to packaging has a time-honoured appeal that continues to set products apart to this day. It has become one of the most effective options for distinguishing a brand and ensuring that packaging stands out, not just on the shelves but in the minds of consumers too. Find out more about our Metallic Elephant KSF Machines here.